Extra Power Capsules

Extra Power Capsules

Extra Power Capsules

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Extra Power Capsules are not just another male enhancement supplement. It’s a complete treatment for all your sexual incompatibilities.

Product Description of Extra Power Capsules Male Enhancement Pills
Extra Power Capsules are not just another male enhancement supplement. It’s a complete treatment for all your sexual incompatibilities. Extra Power Capsules is a twice-a-day, non-hormonal, Harbal designed to work with your body's own physiology to help give you fuller, stronger erections. Extra Power Capsules is not a synthetic drug. It is a twice-a-day Capsules designed to maximize a man's natural erection potential. While there is no known ingestible proven to alter the natural size or shape of the penis, Extra Power Capsules can help your body achieve the fullest, strongest erections it is physically capable of achieving.

Performance anxiety really does happen. As most of us know, the fear that you may or may not be able to become or stay fully erect pretty much guarantees that you won't. It's a vicious circle.
With Extra Power Capsules you can break that circle. You'll have confidence in your ability to achieve and maintain a strong erection. You'll know you've got Extra Power Capsules working for you, so you won't have to worry about performance anxiety. You can just relax and enjoy.
Extra Power Capsules may not be a cure-all for every sex life, but for many men Extra Power Capsules creates a strong first step towards greater satisfaction and improved sexual confidence.

Extra Power Capsules is an all-natural herbal for male sexual performance enhancement. Extra Power Capsules is exclusive blend of high quality ayurvedic mix. Better functionality of the penis.

Extra Power Capsules added sensitivity and sensation, due to increased blood circulation and expansion of the capillary tissue in the head region

Healthier nerves and skin, due to increased blood flow carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the penis. Longer lasting and easier to achieve erections without the side effects of Allopathic drugs. A very large, rock hard appearance, which will give you increased confidence and a feeling of manhood when your penis is visually exposed.

What else do you need from a male enhancement supplement?

Every capsule of Extra Power Capsules Male Enhancement supplement is fortified with natural herbs which give you an unmatched stamina, rock hard erection and endurance you could only imagine in your dreams. Most of our customers report of having highly bulging, pulsating, hot and intense erection with every does. You would also be amazed to see the hardest and longest erection of your life.

How would you feel if you could last for as long as you wish?
Wouldn’t your lady be blown away when you make her “come to orgasm” one after another?

The fact that you are not able to make your lady "come" to orgasm is really frustrating. Most men find it difficult to hold till their wife gets an orgasm. Almost 90% of woman complain of not having experienced a climax with their man.
With Extra Power Capsules you will be in full control of your senses. You will be able to last longer than your wife to make her come several times. We swear your wife or girlfriend will be blown away with your performance . And you will never have to face the guilt of being an under-performer.

How does Extra Power Capsules Capsule Work?
Extra Power Capsules are a special blend of 12 natural herbs. These herbs are sourced direct from the Himalayas and we process them with our secret proprietary methods to increase their potency many folds. When you consume Extra Power Capsules, its 100% natural ingredients gets absorbed quickly in the body. They increase the blood flow to the penis which improves erection and on the other hand it acts on the higher centers of the brain to control the ejaculatory process. The combined action of these two processes makes you get instant rock solid erection and at the same time helps you last really long in bed.

Who can use Extra Power Capsules?
Anyone over 18 years can use it. Extra Power Capsules is useful for both married and unmarried men. If you have any of the following problems you should give it a shot:

- Unhealthy erection or weak erection
- Early ejaculation
- Loss of libido
- Sexual weakness due to masturbation and unnatural practices in young age.

Composition of Extra Power Capsules Capsules
Each serving of Extra Power Capsules contains :
- Saffron 30mg,
- Apinia Golangai Wield 40mg,
- Quercus 40mg,
- Crocus Sativus Linn 40mg, 
- Castoreum 20mg,
- Ptycosis Ajowandc 10mg,
- Nagchakni 30mg,
- Gold Leaf 30mg,
- Myrican agithunb 60mg,
- Cinnamornum 60mg,
- Silver Leaf 60mg,
- Eugenia 40mg

How to use?
Take 1 Capsule of Extra Power with a glass of hot milk before going to bed or one hour before sexual intercourse. For permanent relief it is recommended to use this product for 2-3 months depending on the severity of your problem.
Extra Power Capsules are very useful in: Erection Problems, Quick ejaculation, low sex drive, weakness due to advancing age and lack of satisfaction from sex.

To get maximum results please do not eat anything else after taking these capsules.
Do not take more than two capsules at once or within 24 hours.


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